Shooting with friends is always a blast. Haley and I wanted to have a relaxed and playful shoot around Venice, not really sure the direction we were going for. With friends you have more freedom to experiment a bit, and sometimes it really pays off. We explored the walking streets (which are amazing! one of Venice’s best kept secrets), and then headed to the beach to catch the sunset. I’m so happy with the results. Haley is an actress with a hilarious and endearing personality, (have you seen her in the new Petsmart Commercial?) and I think it really shines through in these shots. Plus, she is absolutely stunning, see for yourself!

Haley_Favorites_001 Haley_Favorites_002 Haley_Favorites_003 Haley_Favorites_004 Haley_Favorites_005

Haley_Favorites_009Haley_Favorites_010 Haley_Favorites_012

Haley_Favorites_016 Haley_Favorites_018 Haley_Favorites_019 Haley_Favorites_020 Haley_Favorites_021 Haley_Favorites_022 Haley_Favorites_024 Haley_Favorites_025

Haley_Favorites_028 Haley_Favorites_029 Haley_Favorites_031 Haley_Favorites_032 Haley_Favorites_033 Haley_Favorites_034 Haley_Favorites_035 Haley_Favorites_036 Haley_Favorites_037 Haley_Favorites_039

Haley_Favorites_040 Haley_Favorites_042 Haley_Favorites_043 Haley_Favorites_044 Haley_Favorites_045 Haley_Favorites_046 Haley_Favorites_047 Haley_Favorites_048

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  • Bonjour, ton blog est très réussi ! Je te dis bravo ! C’est du beau boulot ! 🙂

    Hello, your blog is very successful ! I say bravo! It’s a great job ! 🙂

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